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*Hi Paul,

Sorry it's taken me a while but here's a testimonial for you.

Before I began the Sinclair Method my life was controlled predominately by alcohol and its cravings.  I was unhappy, anxious and whilst functioning I knew I was caught very firmly in its grip. I was drinking 5-6 days out of the week and the days I wasn't I was hung over.

Almost immediately after beginning the programme this changed. My cravings rapidly diminished to the point now 4 months later I no longer really want to drink at all.  
I feel a freedom now that I have not felt for decades, no longer controlled by my cravings and addiction.

I recently went to a music festival and returned with a lot of spare beers, these beers remained untouched in my fridge for 4 weeks until a friend drank them, something utterly unimaginable in the past. 

I now drink 1 or 2 days a week, often less (I work in the alcohol sector so it is sometimes unavoidable)

The Sinclair Method worked for me and freed me from the grip of the addiction that had such a grip on life.

TH, Berkshire

*Hi Paul, just an update As Steve’s rubbish at keeping people up to date, he’s doing really really well, he religiously takes his naltrexone one hour beforehand, he’s drinking way less, the other night I drank more than he did. oops :) , he’s not touched vodka but he’s had wine and beers, looks better, feels better, anti depressants are starting to kick in ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ thank you so so much for all your help, I wish I’d found this back in April, anyway I’ve put a little recommendation on face book The Sinclair Method page. You have saved our marriage, our lives and kept the kids from losing there dad.  I know it’s early days yet but so far it’s amazing xx (Patient's wife 20 days after he started The Sinclair Method)

SJ, Hampshire (by text message)

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* Disclaimer. Results of treatment may vary form one person to another.