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* Hi Paul, I hope you're well. I just want to let you know that I've managed a whole month alcohol-free! I've been out to dinners, the pub etc and haven't had the desire to drink. What a result! I feel more in control than I have done in years. (Sinclair Method patient after 6 months of using the method)

Mark, London (Received by text message)

* Hi Paul

I thought I would let you know that it has been just over 1 Year since you came down to Dorchester to set me on the right road to recovery from my rather heavy drinking.

The detox was hard but as you promised you were there at the end of the phone 24/7 which was a massive part of getting over the drink knowing that J could pick up the phone and talk to you when she needed to.

Without you both I dread to think what might have become of me and my life.

Things are great and life is good both on a personal and work level.

I hope you are well and everything is good with you also.

I just wanted to say hello and thank you so much for what you did for me in getting my life back!

All the best to you Paul.

Brian, Dorset

* Hi Paul
I just wanted to send you something to put on the website in the hope that like me, if someone googles alcohol home treatment and is lucky enough to stumble upon your service they may read my testimonial of both Alcohol detox and the Sinclair method and have some hope that it could work for them by hearing the warts and all honest account of what was and is like. So here goes (apologies if this is quite long!)….
Karen, Dorset

This is a wonderful description of this person's whole experience of her treatment and I have added the full version on its own separate page. Click here to read it.

* Hi Paul,

Late night tonight, not because I'm drinking, thank God. Sorting the house out before I go back to work. My mum's letting me stay, I'm renting off her, they trust me thanks to you! I can't thank you enough. Last year I wanted to die, I was off work, I was drunk all the time, I WAS SICK. I looked up on the internet for a last hope and found you and with your help I got better. I hope you can pass this message on.. if you really want to get better follow and listen to Paul and, if you can, use the Sinclair Method, it's changed my life! I would drink till I was sick. I take one pill an hour before drinking then I don't wanna drink till I pass out or to get up in the morning and drink again anymore. I went to a house party on New Year's Eve. I took my pill and drank 3 drinks I haven't done that since forever. I didn't do that when I started drinking at age 14. I'm hoping that, in time, my doctor will prescribe the drug for me. But I thank you both from the bottom of my heart. I will go back to work a healthy person, someone who's in control and knowing I'm not scared to live anymore. I'm excited for 2016

Lots of love and THANK YOU

SJ, Kidderminster

[Started The Sinclair Method on 20/7/15]

* HI Guys
(Sent on 11 Nov 2015) Just a quick one to let you know I had my last drink 12th October 2015.
I cant believe how easy it was with your help so many thanks
Never going to drink again and don't miss it. Feel like a million dollars
Very sincerely
NM, East Sussex

* Hi Paul, I hope you are well. I feel so much better, human again. It has been almost three months now and every day is a gift, the simple things give me pleasure.

It is so lovely not to feel so ill and helpless. Thank you so much.

Trish, Plymouth (by text message).

* Hi Shaun it's Katie, Diane's daughter. I would just like to send you this message to say Thank you so much for your help and support with my mum over the last week. She is finally back to her usual self and we have started to enjoy ourselves again and that's mainly down to you and your company. Thank you so much I really do appreciate it x

Katie, Dorset (by text message).

* Hi guys. Thought I'd just touch base with you to let you know that things are faultless. The flight to Bali was great (Debs and I decided to share a glass so I popped a pill 2hrs before) and to have a glass of red wine with my food and not wanting more was superb! Must say I had the best coffee ever at Doha Airport!

Had a great few waves today at Padang Padang beach but reflecting back ... I have to think 'back' now when the last time I 'thought' about a drink. Sounds bizarre but seems to be becoming more a back thought rather than forethought as how it used to be.

Haven't got much else to say apart from that I believe my life with my wife and family is back on track and I'm (we are) so happy!

Probably the best post card I've ever written!

G.E. (London)  [Being treated with The Sinclair Method]


* Hi Paul

Sarah is doing extremely well.  She is still is living with us until she gets stronger.  So pleased with the Acamprosate, she doesn't crave drink very often, she would never have known about it but for your recommendation.
Thanks for all your effort.   I can highly recommend you.
Sarah's alcohol key worker came to see her last week and asked for your telephone number!  Hope all OK.
I have booked a cheap holiday in April with Sarah in Tenerife, as I always promised I would when she  was clean from drugs and alcohol, I thought this would never happen.  At last I have got my daughter back, also her daughter and grandson have been to see her most days it is wonderful.
Hope all is well with you and your Father is better.
Best Wishes


* "Ode To Paul

I wasn't feeling myself at all

Even felt like ending it all

Mum says 'try the computer'

'It's a thing of the future'

And we contacted this person called Paul

What a saviour he was - we looked on as a god

With his no-nonsense manner

But kind and would chatter

We started to feel there was hope

With pills and calls and painful temperature tolls

The original person came to emerge

Without this man - A man who can

Perform miracles - Thank the Lord

So it leaves me to say We all thank you in every way

And hope you get a full night's sleep one day!!"

DG, Mansfield


* "As a drinker for many years way in excess of the recommended units I found myself at a point that the gradual increase had become such that it was not only dominating my life and had taken over my whole persona and indeed impacting greatly on my loved ones but also destroying my outlook on life.

At a point I would often wake at 4am craving my usual morning vodka and orange, followed by a second one simply to stop the terrible feelings of anxiety and paranoia. Within minutes of the second or third drink the shakes and these symptoms seemed to subside.

I would like to say that without realising I would then carry on drinking throughout the day, whereas in reality I did absolutely fully realise, and found no end of excuses and reasons to justify this action.

Probably the last 6 months prior to detox I found myself avoiding company as much as possible or if it was essential I would arrange a meeting for a time that I knew I would have enough vodka in my system to act accordingly and this it would appear I did successfully as up to the final week prior to detox only my partner was aware of the situation. Fortunately or unfortunately I seemed to carry it off to the outside world, little was I aware that my general appearance had deteriorated and my lack of energy, drive and enthusiasm had gone.

My eldest daughter of 20 was aware I drank too much but had no idea of the magnitude, which would average one litre of vodka a day and on occasions more. Following an incident my partner had no option but to explain the situation to my daughter who showed such compassion and understanding only matched by my partner and both surrounded me with love and support throughout.

Unaware that my partner had been in constant contact with Paul Turner and Shaun of alcoholhometreatment.com for a month, due to her extreme concern and worry that I was deteriorating rapidly, the support she could only describe as unbelievably understanding and compassionate of the situation I fully agreed to take her advise and have a consultation with Paul.

As Paul arrived the day after Boxing Day, following telephone conversations both on Christmas Day and Boxing Day, we discussed at length the issue (or rather my partner did, as I had again been drinking) at which point he instilled such confidence with the knowledge and ability to fully relate to this problem. Paul stayed about 4 hours constantly checking my blood pressure and alcohol level prior to administering medication.

After it had been explained that the first two days could be the most difficult, a programme of medication was prescribed to be taken every 4 hours with my blood pressure and pulse taken, again all supported by Paul. The first two days were the worst as I was told they would be, but only because of the shakes and night sweating as the need and craving for alcohol reduced almost overnight and by day three I can only describe the total lack of interest in a drink and let alone the need was miraculous.

The insistence of Paul that my partner rang him before each dose with my blood pressure and pulse and then talked through the medication to administer thereafter showed the commitment he shows these calls obviously often at 2 and 4am as well as through the day.

To summarise, I have had my own business for 25 years and I have never encountered more dedicated people with a passion and belief in their work. Having now realised what life really feels like sober, it's great and having had the extreme love, dedication and commitment from my partner and daughter and the support that I really cannot put into words from Paul and Shaun, all I can say is I am now aware I was approximately 2 weeks away from a possible fatal situation.

So thank you so much, truly wonderful people"



* "Most of my friends and family who visited me over those last few days before Paul arrived didn't really know if they might be saying goodbye to me for the last time; so it was with relief and trepidation that, with the last of my energy I managed to open the door one Sunday morning to a smiling, friendly and clearly non-judgemental face: Paul Turner.

It felt like I was coming off the back of withdrawing from pretty much everything although he and I knew it was the alcohol withdrawal that could easily kill me and that was why he was here. Having had the most terrible experiences at two awful residential treatment centres, this felt like my last hope.

A psychiatric nurse by training, he immediately made me feel at ease, giving me a quick once over for blood pressure, heart rate etc before double-checking his opinion with his prescribing nurse regarding the correct dosage of medication to use and began the detox straight away.

The first few hours were hard as I still had some alcohol in me and appeared to be in the very last stages of other substance withdrawals too but by the evening I noticeably perked up, the withdrawals almost magically disappearing. Paul said I should eat... and so began a three day festival of food! Both Paul and I began putting on weight.

Paul was very easy to talk to and offered neutral yet professional and informed advice on a range of addiction and life issues. Unfortunately (for Paul) he got my life story over a period of about three to four hours and didn't tell me to shut up even once. This was a good sign.

Paul medicated me on a strictly pre-planned medical timetable, double-checked with his colleagues but had authority to add doses if needed which I think happened only in the early hours of the first night. Once all the alcohol was out of my system and the medication was fully working, the miracle of it all is that I then experienced no withdrawal effects at all. I still, weeks later, cannot believe how easy he made the process. So much so that by Day Three, when I almost seemed back to my old "normal self" he was comfortable enough in my sincerity to rigorously see it through to leave the time-table of my reducing medication to my girlfriend who then dutifully and conscienciously handed them out to me over the next few days. We even took him out for lunch before he left; and for me to even be leaving the house, let alone go to a restaurant, after just three days, was testament to what he had achieved. The whole process of detoxification and swiftly reducing medication lasted just one week and only the first few hours were uncomfortable. This was most likely due to the fact I had not stopped drinking the midnight before he arrived. I'm terrible at that kind of thing.

But come the first evening, everything had changed and I felt no physical or mental withdrawals throughout the rest of the week, only a deep feeling of weakness which was hardly surprising since I had hardly eaten for weeks. It was without doubt a huge success.

But what about Paul himself? I guess lots of people could medicate given the right training but Paul had other qualities. Remember I was living with a man 24/7 I'd never met before, during a very vulnerable period of my life.

Paul was personable and easy-going. He could listen without judging, offering advice sometimes as Devil's Advocate whilst always taking care to highlight the other side of an argument. At the same time, on matters that quite obviously had only one answer, he wasn't afraid to point these things out too. Wonderfully he stayed up very late, so if I tried to sleep but couldn't or started sweating in my sleep and crawled weakly up the stairs at 3am, his smiling face would be there to greet me and offer any reassurance I needed. And boy could Paul talk on any issue you'd care to discuss. We did have some right laughs!

For me, a businessman with a family, work and a life I hadn't yet totally destroyed, having a home-detox with Paul suited me perfectly. No restrictions on visitors, no restrictions on mobile phones, laptops or food. In fact the only restriction was that I took the medication as prescribed and tried to take it as easy as possible those first few days.

A few weeks down the line, and still happily clean and sober, my gratitude to Paul and his colleagues, who still stay in touch, is boundless. But then again, how can you not be grateful towards a man who saved your life! I'm back at work, see my son regularly, am training again (my passion) and my girlfriend and I are continually delighted with the positive changes we are seeing within me as the sober days progress.

Suffice to say, I cannot recommend Paul Turner and his colleague's approach to alcohol detoxification enough.

Thanks Paul"

Nick K

* Disclaimer - The above testimonials are the unedited words of patients. These are their stories. It should be noted that results of treatment vary between individual patients.