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Alcohol is enjoyed safely by a large number of people all over the world and, while many get into temporary crisis (i.e. get drunk) the vast majority avoid ongoing problems. Unfortunately, that is not the case for all people and, for some, their alcohol consumption gets out of control for a variety of reasons.

An Introduction to Alcohol Detox

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If you are experiencing withdrawal symptoms from alcohol, that means that you are physically dependent and need to undergo alcohol detoxification, more commonly called alcohol detox.

Alcohol detox consists of a treatment programme which normally lasts around a week during which a drug is taken that counteracts alcohol withdrawal symptoms. Initially, high doses are taken and this is reduced over the period of the alcohol detox. Using the appropriate level of medication, all withdrawal symptoms can be eliminated making alcohol detox safe and, in many cases, even comfortable.

It is common for people who have been drinking heavily to be suffering a vitamin deficiency and a vitamin supplement is given to help resolve this issue. Anti-nausea medication may also be given and, occasionally, medication to prevent seizures, if you have previously suffered from these.

Depending on your current situation with regard to your living arrangements and health, it is possible that a home alcohol detox could be carried out with support. If you are suffering health problems related to your alcohol consumption, it may be necessary to under go detox in hospital.

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I am an Independent Alcohol Treatment Practitioner and can assess your situation to allow me to advise you regarding your alcohol problem. If it is appropriate (and safe) for you to undergo a private alcohol detox in your own home, I can arrange this and support you through it. Read the alcohol home detox page for more information regarding this.

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Private Alcohol Detox From Paul Turner

The usual price of alcohol home detox is £950.00 if you are located on the UK mainland. However, where appropriate, I am avoiding unnecessary travel and can do video consultations in cases where the medical situation is straightforward. Where it is possible to do that initial consultation by video, the price for an alcohol home detoxification is £800.

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There is additional modern medical treatment for alcohol addiction called The Sinclair Method. See more information about it by clicking here.

I offer a client-led alcohol home detox solution. I will not preach to you, or dictate how you fix your situation. It is your life, you know yourself best and you know the best way for you to proceed. You just need some support and perhaps some practical advice to plan how you proceed to get your life back on track.

There are a number of companies offering alcohol home detox that can be found online. Some of these are reliable and trustworthy, their aim is to ensure that you undergo a safe and comfortable alcohol detox. Others, unfortunately, are keen to get your payment and then send out a prescription without a full detailed assessment and only a phone number which you can choose to use if you like. This is extremely dangerous practice and I, and many of my colleagues, consider this practice an ‘accident waiting to happen.’

I am happy to talk to any friends or relatives of people with alcohol problems but I must point out that there is no way to force a person to take action regarding their alcohol issues. They must conclude, themselves, that they need to deal with the problem. They can be given a nudge in the right direction, but they have to recognise that there is a problem.

I offer private alcohol home treatment in Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham, however, I can offer my services to any person residing in the UK, depending on the outcome of a medical assessment.

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I treat any contact with the utmost confidentiality. This may mean that I might have to call you back if I am with another client. However, I am happy to provide support at any time of day and on weekends should you need it.