Could You Go Sober This Spring?

At Alcohol Home Treatment, we like to set ourselves goals which are challenging yet achievable. An extremely difficult goal is to remain sober for an entire season, not just for January. Sober Spring is created by Alcohol Change UK and is designed to help people improve their relationship with alcohol over the long term and to prove that you don’t need to drink to enjoy life. This post looks at what Sober Spring is, when the challenge runs til and who the challenge is designed for.

What is Sober Spring?

Since being launched by Catherine Gray in 2018, Sober Spring is a 3 month period where you stop drinking. As mentioned Sober Spring is designed to improve your own relationship with alcohol and Alcohol Change goes further and says that it is a “chance to break habits, start new ones and experience life alcohol-free”.

Sober Spring is free to sign up to and participants can receive weekly emails aimed to keep them motivated from Millie Gooch, founder of Sober Girl Society, Alcohol Change UK ambassadors, influencers and medical experts. 

The team at Alcohol Change UK also suggest that the challenge is a perfect follow-up to dry January and is a route to improving your long-term relationship with alcohol.

When is Sober Spring?

Sober Spring runs from 20th March-20th June 2024.

Who is Sober Spring for?

Sober Spring is for anyone who is looking to improve their relationship with alcohol. Whether you want to see what life is like with alcohol, beginning to have doubts about whether alcohol has played a positive role in your life or are already sober and trying to find some more motivation for this to continue. 

As mentioned, Sober Spring is free to sign up to and you get weekly motivational emails from experts and the team at Alcohol Change UK to remind you about the positive health effects that you will be experiencing and to keep you on track.

Why Should I do Sober Spring?

There are several reasons why you should do Sober Spring this year. These include:

  • It should be easier to complete than Dry January as the first month is always more difficult
  • It is a good excuse not to drink if offered at a social gathering
  • Your mind should become clearer and you can develop more creative ideas
  • Once you have completed 66 days sober, you will have built a neural pathway making the challenge even easier as you will have now developed a new habit of sobriety
  • Your health & wellness will massively improve as you make healthier food choices, become more motivated to exercise and lose weight thanks to not drinking extra calories from booze. In addition, you will have clearer skin and look fresher
  • You will reduce your chances of becoming dependent on alcohol in future years as you will break your current alcohol-related drinking habits
  • More people are becoming sober curious and almost a third of 16-24-year-olds are totally alcohol-free
  • Your sleep will improve- This is because when we drink, we only get 2 or 3 REM cycles when you should get between 4-6 cycles. 
  • You can spend more time trying a new hobby or perfecting an existing one.

Are You Struggling to Handle Your Relationship With Alcohol?

If you are struggling with your own relationship with alcohol and feel that you are becoming dependent to alcohol, then please contact Alcohol Home Treatment. At Alcohol Home Treatment, we offer The Sinclair Method as a way of removing the ‘pleasure’ you receive when you drink alcohol and ultimately, encourage you to not drink any longer. Furthermore, with over 25 years of experience, you can be assured that you can complete an alcohol detox from home in a safe manner. If you are looking for a different challenge, then check out our post on how to stay sober during dry January

Note: You should not attempt to stop drinking suddenly if this results in physical withdrawal symptoms such as shakiness, sweating, agitation and nausea. In these cases, people should re-start drinking alcohol and seek medical help or contact Alcohol Home Treatment for advice.

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